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my dog is always scratching but doesn't have fleas
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My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas

On occasion, scratch. However, if it’s common, incessant, or distressing, then something is amiss.

Some puppies will lick or nibble rather than scratch. Many do that in private, so be careful with pink, sore skin, bald patches, or brown saliva staining where the hair has been licked.

Itching (technically referred to as pruritus) is a sign, now not prognosis or precise disorder. It’s likely the most not unusual purpose for proprietors to take pets to the vet’s, making up a large share of our consultations.

Fleas are elusive and VERY common. In hotter weather, flea eggs change into adults quicker. It’s important to carry out the subsequent steps before discounting these critters.

my dog is always scratching but doesn't have fleas

How to check your canine for fleas

They move rapidly and cover nicely, especially in thick or darkish coats, so they are difficult to locate. Adults are 5% of the populace. The relaxation exists as eggs, larvae, and pupae in the environment.

As one flea can lay forty-50 eggs in keeping with day, there don’t want to be many adults to start trouble, so now not locating a flea doesn’t rule out fleas. Only in heavy burdens are you able to find them simply.

They are using a comb search for the darkish, gritty specks of flea feces, frequently around the tail base and neck. These specks, while positioned on dampened cotton wool, shape a red tinge due to blood content material.

But I can’t see any fleas?

Fleas hide well, circulate rapid, and are difficult to discover, specifically in black/darkish lined animals. Only in heavy infestations you see fleas effortlessly.

If you only start treatment when you see a flea, it’s too late. One flea can lay forty-50 eggs. These eggs can grow to be adults within 12 days.

Instead, we often look for proof of fleas. If your component the fur and may see black specks the size of dandruff, it can be flea feces. Dampen a few cotton wool or use a flea comb to wipe up some of these black specks.

If a purple tinge bleeds out from damp white cotton wool, it contains blood and is flea feces. It tells you fleas are round. In white puppies, the fleas and dust are simpler to discover. The first-class location to appearance is across the neck and base of the tail.

But I have used flea remedies. Could it nonetheless be fleas?
For flea treatment to be efficient, there are two essential elements: it desires to be a powerful product and carried out often.

Many flea treatments require the flea to chew earlier than being killed. If your dog is allergic to flea chew saliva, one chunk can be enough to prompt a response (allergic flea dermatitis). You do not want to peer many fleas to your dog’s itch to be due to them.

95 percent of the lifecycle of the flea is within the surroundings, in the form of eggs, larvae, and pupae, leaving simply five% within the shape of adults. Treating the house must no longer be forgotten.

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: There is a dizzying array of flea products for pets in the marketplace. They incorporate specific active ingredients, some more effective than others.

You can purchase flea remedies from pet stores, online or through your vet. Get recommendations on flea products simplest from a vet. Some puppy keep merchandise may not be powerful and might even be dangerous, and some online products might not be true.

dog scratching no fleas

The treatment has to be regular. Any interruption in protection allows fleas to live for your pet and get into your private home.

There are many unique, powerful veterinary remedies. If you walk your canine where there are ticks, you can need a product that prevents both fleas AND ticks.

If your dog eats snails, you can need a product that forestalls each flea AND lungworm (can be transmitted through the eating of snails and slugs).

Talk with one in every one of our vets so you can choose a bespoke treatment that fits your puppy’s lifestyle and desires.


My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: Flea treatments want to have effective elements and be carried out often. Breaks in protection permit fleas to feed and lay eggs in your private home.

Given ninety-five % in their lifecycle is living within the surroundings, effective home remedies mustn’t be forgotten at some stage in an epidemic.

There’s a baffling array of flea brand products out there containing one of a kind energetic components. Products bought from shops or online may additionally have now not been examined fastidiously for safety and efficacy.

Get advice out of your vets, in particular, inside the face of the plague. In addition, veterinary remedies are frequently mixed with substances to save you different parasites like ticks or lungworms.

They permit you to pick out a remedy that looks after your personal desires and way of life dangers.

Many flea treatments want fleas to chunk before being killed. If your dog is allergic to flea chew saliva (allergic flea dermatitis), you don’t want many fleas in your canine to itch.

As one flea can chunk up to 400 instances a day, some can reason masses of irritation.

The itch is localized; what ought to this imply?

Look closely for any wounds, matts, foreign our bodies inclusive of splinters, or insect or tick bites. If your pet is scratching simplest its ears, you’ll need a vet to look down the ear canals, checking for infection, infection, or foreign bodies, which include grass seeds.


My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: The maximum not unusual causes of itching are parasites, infections, and allergic reactions.


Some can be effortlessly visible with a microscope, others are greater hard to identify, and maximum isn’t seen with the naked eye.

Sarcoptic mites commonly motive extreme itching and scabbing on the ears, chest, elbows, and hocks. They are infectious, spread through other dogs or foxes, and affect people.

A predominantly rabbit mite (Cheyletiella) much less typically affects puppies. It’s unfolded by way of wild rabbits or other puppies. It appears like ‘walking dandruff’ and might reason itching if the dog is hypersensitive, even though it usually doesn’t. These mites will not live on people but might also cause skin infection.

dog scratching face

Demodex mites motive hair loss and scaling, which can be nearby or general and, in sure bureaucracy, reason itching.

The mites are not infectious to other animals or humans. If a secondary skin infection takes place, with extreme instances, this could reason severe itching.

If everything else has been dominated out, your canine is most probable tormented by an…

Allergic pores and skin disorders.

Contact hypersensitive reactions aren’t commonplace; however can arise with a brand new shampoo or washing powder as an example. Think when you have changed whatever these days.

Flea hypersensitive reaction dermatitis, which is common as stated, with lesions normally affecting the rump, back, and neck.

The different huge kinds are:

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: Canine atopic sickness (“Atopy” or “Atopic Dermatitis”): a response to environmental allergens like pollen inflicting seasonal symptoms, or residence dust mites causing all-year signs.

Cutaneous negative food response (“Food Allergy”) is because of an allergic reaction to certain meals that generally occurs all 12 months-round.

They have very comparable signs, and symptoms so they are difficult to inform aside. Many dogs go through an aggregate of hypersensitive reactions, complicating things further.

Usually, pores and skin adjustments and itching are generalized, affecting the stomach and face greater often, but can be local. Food allergies are much more likely if your canine is much less than one year antique, but can happen at any age.

They cause intestine signs and symptoms in a single 1/3 of dogs. Atopy normally begins among six months and three years old.

Your vet may also talk beginning a strict removal meals trial if a detrimental meal reaction is suspected.

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: Allergic skin sicknesses can’t be cured, handiest managed, and motive vast frustration for owners in addition to being time-consuming and highly-priced, as control is lifelong.

Skin infections

dog scratching but no fleas
These may additionally involve yeasts or bacteria, and commonly show up due to negative skin barrier feature from an underlying allergic skin sickness.

It may be the primary signal that your canine has allergic pores and skin disease. Bacterial infections often seem in humid areas of the body like the ears, toes, and groin as round, scaly patches, acne, or oozing sores, however, may be trendy.

Yeast infections tend to be more oily and generalized and might have an effect on ears. These infections purpose severe itching, so want remedy; however, the underlying hypersensitive reaction mustn’t be left out.

Prevention of infections is essential for long-time period management of allergic skin diseases.

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: Common matters generally occur, so make certain all animals and the residence are up-to-date with a secure, effective, and suggested flea treatment. If the itch doesn’t settle, then a vet visit will be required.

If your canine scratches plenty or even bites itself, it’s far a signal that something is not proper. Dogs do now not scratch the legs or lose hair due to fleas or scabies; there are other reasons which have this behavior without a visible parasite or ailment.

This article will assist you in studying the common causes of why a dog scratches or bite itself without something evident to the bare eye.


My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: Although scabies, fleas or ticks within the first factor to consider while you see your canine scratching plenty and losing its hair, what’s sure is that the commonly greater common purpose that we’re coping with is dermatitis because of an allergy.

There are many caregivers who consider that allergies in dogs can best occur inside the spring, but we additionally must struggle with the seasonal ones.

Allergies also can be due to meals, like the ones we, humans, have. We ought to be very careful about how we feed our puppies, additionally, when we trade its eating regimen.

My dog is wounded through scratching.

To save you hypersensitive reactions in an effort to generate problems within the pores and skin and that take your canine to scratch, constantly pick quality meals and combine them with natural meals. To have the right pores and skincare, you’ll want to make certain that it drinks well.

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: To enhance its hydration, we endorse you to feature a little of broth in its meals and consume moist recipes.

Whenever you exchange something in its diet, do it step by step and in no way all at once, so that you’ll know if something has induced a food hypersensitivity.

My canine has dandruff and scratches loads.

Another motive why your dog may be scratching an excessive amount of notwithstanding the truth that it appears that it has not anything is extra of baths it had.

Many beginner caregivers tend to scrub their doggies too much or to do it with soaps that aren’t specific for his or her skin. Don’t even consider bathing your bushy each day, or you may turn out to be compromising it, with itches plus scratches all the time.

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: The concept is to wash your dog every month or each couple of weeks, but never on a daily basis.

Anyway, all of it relies upon its pores and skin type, the way you bathe it, or even how it is its lifestyle. Stay with this reference for his or her conduct of hygiene; however, once more, if you need to get extra accurate information for your buddy, please touch our veterinarians.

my dog is always scratching but doesn't have fleas

My canine scratches and bites itself lots due to tension.

In addition to scabies, parasites, and hypersensitivity, or by way of an extra of bathrooms, the opposite most not unusual motive of this compulsive scratching is tension.

Our veterinarians have visible cases of puppies that have left their pores and skin in living flesh or have made hollows in the skin because of the bites.

By tension or stress, a dog can begin nailing its legs to attract interest to it or as a way to reduce the energy that it has amassed. Remember that if a pup is in this psychological country, you are the guilty, no longer him.

My Dog Is Always Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas: A dog has tension because it understands that isn’t always receiving an awful lot interest because it spends an excessive amount of time alone or because something has come about in its day by day recurring that has left him down.

This may be due to a transferring, the delivery of an infant, or the arrival of a brand new furry to the residence. Your job is to feed it well and allow it to play at your side, make certain it receives all of your affection, and that it doesn’t spend tons time on my own, so it’s going to heal, grade by grade, of this tension.

My dog scratches lots and rips its hair off.

In summary, the first thing you want to do is to discuss with a veterinarian and discard scabies or parasites. Once you have got executed this, test if it has seasonal allergic reactions or food.

Line veterinarians for more records.

Five Dog Scratching No Fleas Home Remedies:

Is your canine continuously scratching due to itchy pores and skin? We determined the number of the simplest remedies for your itchy canine that is already in your private home.

We usually sense unhappy for our negative little doggies while they’re constantly itching. These treatments are easy, powerful, and already at your fingertips.

In addition to taking the DIY course, you might don’t forget a daily supplement to assist your canine’s pores and skin and fur.

Olive Oil

Dog Scratching No Fleas Home Remedies: Take your favored cooking oil and upload it to your dog’s meals! Olive oil is superb to use when cooking, but it’s also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins E & K, which can replenish your canine’s fur coat.

Two to three times a week, strive to incorporate one tablespoon of olive oil in your canine’s meals. This addition can assist soothe the trouble of your canine constantly scratching, while also assisting his or her fur is growing thick and vivid.


Dog Scratching No Fleas Home Remedies: Before you start feeding your itchy canine yogurt, please ensure that it is simple yogurt and not using sugar or additives.

Plain and probiotic yogurt maintains precise microorganisms in your canine’s tummy. This home remedy can assist their immune machine and defend them from skin infections and yeast infections.

We recommend an oral complement of one teaspoon of yogurt for small puppies and a pair of teaspoons for big dogs, a few instances per week. You can also blend it into their meals in case you would like.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dog Scratching No Fleas Home Remedies: Apple cider vinegar has many blessings for you, however, did you realize it is able to assist your dog, too?

This is a clean manner to relieve your canine’s itchy pores and skin. Mix a 50/50 answer of apple cider vinegar and water to place on your canine’s skin.

A spray bottle or a sponge works properly, but be cautious to avoid getting the answer on any wounds or raw skin as it will sting your puppy. If your dog is continuously scratching, you may use this approach day by day until the itch is going away.

Itchy paws? No problem. You can soak your dog’s paws inside the 50/50 solution for up to 5 minutes.

Coconut Oil

Dog Scratching No Fleas Home Remedies: If you don’t have already got coconut oil in your property, get a few! You and your itchy canine will benefit from it.

Coconut oil is the first-rate moisturizer when carried out topically. However, it could also take delivery of orally to help boost your canine’s immune machine.

To relieve the itching, you can observe coconut oil immediately for your canine’s skin. This will assist moisturize and soothe your dog’s pores and skin.


Dog Scratching No Fleas Home Remedies: This remedy takes a little longer, but the benefits are worth it! With use, this treatment can maintain your canine from constantly scratching.

If nothing else is operating in your itchy canine, we are hoping this oatmeal tub can remedy all your issues. An oatmeal tub can help relieve itching and soothe your canine’s skin.

To make an oatmeal tub, grind up the oatmeal right into a powder the use of a blender or a coffee grinder. Put the aggregate in a tub complete of warm water and attempt to soak your dog for 15 minutes.

We hope those home remedies can relieve your canine’s itchy skin and cause them to more at ease.